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In LEPTON 2series we improved the opportunity to style the frontend-login.

In addition we started a new system to save customized frontend.css of modules .


Notice: in LEPTON 1series the frontend-login works different please see this page for details.


In the  FE-Template  is now - from version 2.0.0. -  a directory named  /frontend:



In the subdirectory /login all neccessary files for customizing of the frontend-login are collected.

Copy the complete directory /frontend to your indidual template and start customizing the frontend login part.


Notice : the file /frontend/login/index.php defines the Template-Engine. It is now possible to use your favourite engine, for example TWIG from the delivered lib_twig.


All files will be automatically included by the system.

Examples can be found in the LEPTON template that is delivered with LEPTON package.


Notice: If you use the droplet LoginBox css files will not automatically be included. Please copy the content of the specific css files to the standard css file of your template.



Please see also our Tutorial to learn more about LoginBoxes!