feel free to keep it strictly simple...

the file info.php

Mandatory variables

These variables have to be defined to get the template file installed

(Valus are examples only):

$template_directory     = 'example_template';
$template_name          = 'Example';
$template_function	= 'template';
$template_version       = '1.02';
$template_platform      = '1.x';
$template_author        = 'My Name';
$template_license       = 'http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/';
$template_license_terms = 'My special terms';
$template_description   = 'This template is a 3-column template';
$template_guid          = '06d11a78-8554-4f77-8f10-4411c4169319';


The GUID is a unique number for each template.
Use this link to create new GUIDs: http://www.guidgen.com




Optional Variables

These Variables can be used to get structure to your site and to use more than one menu:

 $menu[1]		= 'Main';
 $menu[2]		= 'Foot';
 $menu[3]		= 'Pseudomenu';

 $block[1]	= 'Content';
 $block[2]	= 'News';