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Access & Permission


the whole frontend is only managed by visibility entries of pages and depending on the date-settings at sections. In addition groups can be checked in Registered Viewers in the backend pages settings to grant private or registered access to different groups!

The Login and Preferences process is independent from this and is completely managed within account directory.


The backend permissions are managed by groups and administration access groups on the pages settings.

  1. The highest level is Backend Access ( 0 or 1) in the groups table. Backend Access 0 means you cannot login into the backend.
  2. You can grant System Permissions for example for pages. media, modules etc.
  3. You can also adjust which Modules and Admintools etc can be acessed by the specified group.
  4. We removed Templates and Languages from addon permissions, this is for administrators only and cannot be assigned to other groups.


Users are assigned to groups to be enabled to act within the given permissions and accesses of the group. Users can be assigned to more than one group!

If you run into troubles please use the LEPTON forum