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change backend path

LEPTON CMS has a great security system but you can do some things to improve LEPTON's safety. One of those methods you can do, is changing the path to your backend. Normally you can browse it by adding /admins to your LEPTON install directory. If you have it on a local installation for yourself, there is no need to go through this tutorial.


How to do

At first, you should be sure, that no one is working with the backend. Then you have to change two parameters in the config.php. This file contains the most important setting e.g. database and amongst other things the path to the backend.


Browse to your LEPTON folder and rename admins to something you want. After that, open config.php file with an editor and modify two parameters. Change XXX to your renamed folder.




Notice: Please keep in mind to switch off frontend login ( settings/general_settings) if not needed for security reasons.