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Use WYSIWYG History

Here is how it works:

After enabling WYSIWYG History an additional box at the bottom of each section appears.


The buttons are:

  • Save to save the content of the wysywig editor refferring to the radio buttons below.
    • Publish changes and replace old content (default behaviour)
    • Publish changes and keep old content in history (max. number of items as set in lepton.ini.php, see previous page).
    • Save as draft to save the content of the wysywig table as a draft with no changes to the currently published section.
  • Manage History leads to a window that lists all saved versions.
  • Documentation leads to this site in a new tab.
  • Draft leads to a window that displays drafts (only shown, if a draft has already been saved).
  • Cancel works as a back link.


If you click the button Manage History the follwing window will apear depending on number of saved versions:


On the right there are three possible actions, from left to right

  • Preview Version displays the whole page in a lightbox.
  • Restore Version restores the selected version in the current section but does not save the section. You have to decide how to carry on, choose one of the save options and click Save.
  • Delete Version deletes the version and returns to the section.


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