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Method "execute_query"

Performs a query in some ways. The 'main-reason' to use this class-method instead of the 'query' method is that you are more flexible within the results.
See file "class.database.php" for details.

Class-Method available since L* 1.3.2



/*   1 */	$all_pages = array();
/*   2 */	$database->execute_query(
/*   3 */		"SELECT * FROM `".TABLE_PREFIX."pages` WHERE parent = '".$parent."' AND visibility != 'deleted' ORDER BY position ASC",
/*   4 */		true,
/*   5 */		$all_pages
/*   6 */	);

Now $all_pages contains all results in an assoc. array. If you want to get only one assoc. array, e.g. you are sure there is only one result, similar to "get_one", you will have to set the 4.th param to true, to get only one result array.