feel free to keep it strictly simple...

content of index.php

The index.php

Die "central" index.php conatins all html tags and php calls. esides the file-top and inclusion of class.secure the following informations must be available:




First of all you have to declare the DOCTYPE. This one is xhtml declaration but there are others too.:




followed by the html root-element:




Head Section

Inside the head section you have to call the pagetitle and the css files.

It should contain asa a minimum:





Pagetitle, description and keywords

    <?php page_title(); ?>  



Load optional module files (js und css)

<?php get_page_headers(); ?>

 For details about this functiom use this link.


Load css files





 "Body" Section

Within the body tags there are html marks and php calls for the visible frontend pages.

Following elements should be included in your template:


The  "page header" calls the field  "Website Header" from the "Backend Settings"

<?php page_header(); ?>



Navigation is called with

        show_menu2(1, SM2_ROOT, SM2_ROOT+2, SM2_TRIM|SM2_PRETTY|SM2_XHTML_STRICT);

where (1) means the corresponding menu from the info.php.

You can learn more details about navigation and menus from: show_menu2.



You can call the content of every single page with

<?php page_content(1); ?>

where (1) means the corresponding block from the info.php.



"Page Footer" calls the content of the field  "Website Footer" in the "Backend Settings".

<?php page_footer(); ?>



Important: please don't forget the closing HTML Tag "" at the end!