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additional chars for checks of user and email

Starting with LEPTON 4.4.0


If you like to add additonal chars to the check of username, display name and email please check the lepton.ini.php inside the config folder and modify the values to your needs.

Standard values are (see class LEPTON_core):

emails: a-zA-Z0-9@\-_\. 
usernames: a-zA-Z0-9@ \-_\.

Please keep in mind, that email is also checked by javascript in your browser (using html input field)


Additional Chars

Additional chars in lepton.ini.php are set now for german umlauts as standard. You can edit those fields to your needs, they will not be overwritten during update!

  1. [custom_vars]
  2. additional_email_chars = ' '
  3. additional_usernames_chars = 'äöüÄÖÜ'
last edit: 10. Sep 2023 CEST 12:20:56