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protected directory

Starting with LEPTON 5.1.0 your installation has a protected directory.

During installation (or upgrade) we create a password protected directory /temp/secure for your own use, for example for backups.

Use your ftp client to edit the files htacces and htpasswd to your needs, because the standard entries are randomly created by the system itself.

For further questions please use the forum.

Caution: if you installed your LEPTON on a local webserver the htpwassword will not work correctly because the PATH is created and written as a local path. This will not work online. Therefore you have to adapt the online path within the htaccess in line 4.

In addition we changed the crypt method in LEPTON 5.2.0, this will automaticly be done during update procedure from 5.1.0 to 5.2.0.


Starting with LEPTON 5.2.0 there are new methods to create password access for directories, please find details in the core docs ->createStandardProtection and ->restoreStandardProtection