feel free to keep it strictly simple...

fresh installation from scratch

This will quickly explain how to install LEPTON CMS.


First of all, you must have a webserver/webspace with requirements listed on our homepage and PHP and MySQL ( or Maria DB ) installed correctly.


You can check if your webspace/server meets the requirements using the precheck file.


Once you have got that done, upload the "upload" folder via ftp somewhere on your server, probably below the document root: e.g. /documentroot/upload

This should be accessed by an address something like this: e.g. http://your_domain.tld/upload/

If you want no "upload" directory please upload all files and folders directly to your root.


Now create a blank MySQL database, commonly called "lepton". Please use collation "utf8_unicode_ci" if possible.


Once that is all done simple run the install script from your browser: e.g. http://your_domain.tld/upload/install or http://your_domain.tld/install if you don't want "upload" directory.


Fill in the form, submit and if all details are correct, you should be taken to LEPTON Administration Panel.