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Upgrade WB to LEPTON 1.3.2


Using one of these packages you can upgrade your WebsiteBaker Installations 2.8.1 or 2.8.3 to LEPTON 1.3.2 .

The release LEPTON 1.3.2 will be the base to an upgrade to LEPTON 2.x later on.

These upgrades are only modifying the CORE and Standard Modules within the packages.


Maybe there are some special modules that have to be modified later on or must be copied from saved installation (if you use extended lib_jquery for example).

If you need some help to modify addons please post on the forum .



Download package  WB_2.8.1 to LEPTON 1.3.2


Download package WB_2.8.3 to LEPTON 1.3.2


Step 1:

Save complete installation (all files) and database!

Keep in mind that there is no fallback!

If upgrade fails you have to recreate your installation using the saved files and database.

Windows-User should make upgrade using Mobile Release (usbwebserver) and then upload files and database to your webspace.


Step 2:


  1. If you have renamed some directories (pages, admins, media), you have to undo those modifications to make the upgrade work!
  2. All tables from news backend (see module settings) must be saved in an external text file to save them back after upgrade.
  3. Save all droplets via backend function to upload them after upgrade again.
  4. Save special standard modules (extended lib_jquery) to upload them after upgrade.


Step 3:

Download Upgrade-Package, unzip and upload to the root of your installation.

The file 281_start.php (bzw 283_start.php) then is in root of your installation.


Start upgrade calling:



and follow the hints on your screen.


At last log in, upload droplets_backup_file and copy news table in the backend_options if neccessary.

Also correct the tables in the news module via backend if neccessary.


If you need help visit the Forum .