feel free to keep it strictly simple...


method "build_mysql_query"

Helper to build a mysql_query string. Long queries are difficult to manage or to expand, e.g. the save.php of the "news"-modul. (over 12 fields to update!). This little method helps to keep the source small and manageable. E.g.

$values = 	array(
	'page_title' => 'example',
	'menu_title' => 'example'
$query = $database_instance->build_mysql_query(
	'page_id = '.$page_id

$database->query( $query ); 

Supported types are "update", "insert", "delete" and "alter". Keep in mind that the values have to pass by reference!



Notice: Why on earth "pass-by-reference"?
Because you are not in need to return the values - even the values have not to be block-copied to the methods at all! Speed, friends! For more details take a look at the source-comments.