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MPForm Documentation: Field types of MPForm

Level of difficulty: B 

The following table lists all types of fields used in MPForm.
The following properties are available for nearly all types and therefore are not mentioned for each type:

Type Uses HTML element Used for Special properties
Field types of MPForm
Heading label (Sub-)Headings Template: html source code, for instance for spanning multiple columns in a table
Text field (one line) input type="text" short text  
Text area (multi line) textarea long text Width and Rows: size of the area
Select Box select list for single or multiple selection List: the options you offer, with the checkboxes you can mark default values.
Allow Multiple Slections: yes or no?
Radio Button Group input type="radio" single selections List: the options you offer, with the radio buttons you can mark a default value.
Separator: html code for separating the options
Checkbox Group input type="checkbox" multiple selection List: the options you offer, with the checkboxes you can mark default values.
Separator: html code for separating the options
Fieldset (Start and End) fieldset grouping of items Better than a header, a fieldset allows to group fields. You only can set a title to the fieldset.
Like any html element containing child elements, a fieldset must be closed after the last child. This type has no settings at all, the title is just for the backend, you can put any text you want here or leave the default text.
Email Address input type="text" Email address  
E-Mail Recipient select selection of recipients of the form which have been listed in the backend  
E-Mail Subject (Suffix) input type="text" extension of the subject for the email which has been defined in the backend  
Date input type="text" date  
Integer value input type="text" whole number Only positive integer numbers are allowed with characters 0..9
JavaScript checks already in the browser that no other characters will be entered.
Decimal value input type="text" decimal numbers Signed decimal numbers are allowed with characters 0..9,.+-
JavaScript checks already in the browser that no other characters will be entered, and the server side script will make sure that an useful number has been entered. Both "," and "." are allowed as decimal point to support users of all countries.
File Upload input type="file" allowing to upload files You probably do not want allow everybody to download files uploaded by an (anonymous) user. This is made at least very difficult because the file name will be extended by a random number. The uploaded file however is on the server and reachable for everyone in principle, but only the backend-users with access to the module or the receipients of the mail to the site owner know the correct link to the uploaded file. It is possible to upload several files at once by selecting more than one in the upload dialog.
HTML-Code   HTML source code it can be defined in the backend without any major restrictions
hidden field input type="hidden" handing over values between individual pages of multi page forms in conjunction with the private function private_function_before_new_form this field type can be used to submit values of a previous page once again. This may help to keep each page simple and at the same time have all values available on the last page for sending them by email. However, you have to define a hidden field for each field on all subsequent pages of the form. The results table, however, will hold not only the original input values, but the values of teh hidden fields as well.
conditionally displayed block div/script Display of text or any other HTML code depending on selected options of a form Strictly speaking this is not a separate field type, but instead a wizzard for creating html code (including the required javascript) that instantly reacts on user input, already on the same page, and displays different content depending on the selected options. Supported are Checkboxes, Radiobuttons and Dropdown fields.