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MPForm Documentation: Create your first form

Level of difficulty: A  

  1. Click on Pages in the main menu of the Backend
  2. At the bottom of the page, under Add Page enter a title, for instance Test form.
  3. Choose MPForm as Type.
  4. Set Parent and Visibility as required.
  5. Click on Add.
  6. Now you have an empty form, which needs to be filled up with content (fields). Click on Add Field.
  7. As Title enter Your Name and as Type choose Text field (one line)
  8. Click on Save
  9. enter Length: 80, mark mandatory
  10. and to add further fields simply click on Copy Field now
  11. For the copy of the field which you have just created change the Title to Your email address and also change the Type into E-Mail Address. Do not change Length and Mandatory.
  12. again click on Copy Field
  13. Change the Title into Your problem and the Type into E-Mail Subject (suffix). Do not change Length and Mandatory.
  14. of course you can also use Add Field in order to add new fields, so try this.
  15. enter Title: Describe the problem and select Type: Text field (multi line)
  16. click on Save
  17. and select mandatory again
  18. finally click on Save
  19. and after having saved the field click on Cancel

If you want that the sender of the form will receive a confirmation mail, you need to add the following steps:

Now you have successfully created a fully functional form with 4 different field types. Click on the second icon on the top of the page (a modern browser will show the tooltip View), and you can view your form in the frontend and test it.

Of course, you can change lots of settings to make the form match your needs. On the subsequent help pages the settings and possibilites of MPForm are described in detail.